Hello and welcome to Connected Cycling as hosted by Projects  of Things.

At Projects of Things, our goal is to help companies, organizations and individuals master technology in their home, office, shop, lab, and community.  The particular emphasis on this site is to help master technology that is used in the cycling to make a better bike, a better workout and a better ride.

Our goal is to do this in a variety of ways

  • create networking opportunities for cycling and technology enthusiasts
  • showcase emerging, and innovative technology as applied to cycling
  • promote cycling as a means to introduce technology to our STEAM kids, their educators and parents.
  • organize innovation events such as Hackathons, Showcases
  • recognize organizations and individuals who are engaged in the cycling technology

We are organizing a Partner Event with the Atlanta Science Festival for March 23, 2017.

This event will include several teams providing a showcase to present and demonstrate technology to STEAM kids and their parents.  The format of the event will include various stations that are setup with coaches to explain the science, technology, engineering, art and math of applications of technology to cycling.

The preliminary list of tables includes:

  • The POWER table will be setup to demonstrate how power can be generated by taking the rotational power from pedaling to charge electronics or a battery.
  • The SECURITY table will be setup to demonstrate an Innovative way of protecting a bike so that it cannot be stolen.
  • The DESIGN table will show what 3D designs look like, how they are created, customized, and how items can be made with 3D printing.
  • The LIGHTS table will show how various lights can be added to a bike.
  • The COMPUTER table will show how bike computers are made and the functions that they provide.
  • The IDENTIFICATION table will show to create labels and markings to identify a bike and its owner.
  • The SENSORS table will show some common sensors that are applied to bikes and how they work.

Stay Tuned!  If there is enough interest, then we will host a Hackathon event this summer to encourage teens to put their creativity and knowledge to work and hack their bike.